Seven reasons why you should choose an Outlander PHEV

Here at Greg Mitchell Motors, we will tell you why there is not one but seven reasons why you should choose the Mitsibushi Outlander PHEV as your next vehicle. 

Firstly, it is the world’s best-selling Plug-in Hybrid; the Outlander PHEV is the worlds most popular plug-in hybrid, since 2013 the UK alone has sold 50,000. The Outlander PHEV is eco-friendly, capable on and off-road, large enough to take a family on holiday, and has a standard of luxury that makes it effortlessly comfortable for those daily commutes.

Another reason to love the Outlander PHEV is you are able to plug it in to charge which is the beauty of a plug-in hybrid as it doesn’t need petrol to charge itself like a normal hybrid. It takes electricity from the mains, meaning it can go much further on electricity so commutes can be done using very little to no fuel which leaves the joy of decreasing petrol visits.

Thirdly, the Outlander PHEV has a combined range of 372 miles and is able to do 28 miles on electric power therefore the Outlander can take you anywhere. The beauty of this vehicle is you have the ability to fill up at any petrol station and charge it whenever you have access to a charging point or standard plug socket.  

Music to everybody’s ears is a vehicle that saves you money on running costs. The innovative technology means you will be running on pure electric power more often which leaves to fewer trips to the petrol station and means greater savings. Mitsubishi UK carried out a survey on hundreds of Outlander PHEV owners from all walks of life, 94% say they get improved fuel economy as driving on electricity means less fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions. 92% say running costs are lower as electricity is much cheaper than petrol, so charging a PHEV offers you a great saving because the tank of fuel lasts longer.

Another reason to love the Outlander PHEV is that it is also better for the environment, a plug-in hybrid is significantly reducing your carbon footprint. With CO2 emissions of just 46g/km, the Outlander PHEV puts less into the atmosphere, improving local air quality and reducing the impact on the environment.

If you like power then you will love this! The Outlander PHEV stays true to Mitsubishi’s heritage of off-road exploration, with a 4WD system pioneered by the rally-winning Lancer Evolution. The powerful twin electric motors also provide a smooth, responsive driving experience that few petrol cars can match, with instant torque providing control and power exactly when you need them.

Finally, if the reasons above have not got you sold the Mitsubishi Outlander provides you peace of mind with your vehicle as you get a five-year manufacturer warranty and an eight-year battery warranty. Mitsubishi’s comprehensive warranty covers five years or 62,000 miles, making it easy to relax and enjoy knowing that in an event of an issue your local Mitsubishi dealer can help you out. 

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