Car Finance

Car finance has become a popular way for customers to fund their motoring needs by offering flexible and bespoke finance options that separate costs into fixed, affordable monthly payments that suit you and your lifestyle.

No need to take large loans in order to afford your new vehicle instead it is like every other monthly subscription, just like your mobile phone. Financing your new vehicle provides you with the option to spread the costs of your new vehicle over an agreed term, with fixed monthly payments, deposits and annual mileage agreed in advance. Everything is made bespoke to you.

  • Finance Options Available

    Build your own bespoke finance payment plan and spread the cost of your new vehicle over flexible deposits and fixed monthly payments.

    PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

    A popular method of financing your vehicle, pay monthly with the option to purchase your vehicle at the end of your agreement. Typically, a three to five-year agreement.

    HP (Hire Purchase)

    Monthly payments between one to five years at a fixed rate that equals the total value of your new vehicle, minus the amount of your initial deposit.

    BCH (Business Contract Hire)

    Business car leasing is designed to operate where a vehicle agreement is tied to a sole trader, partnerships and limited companies as a financial assist. Equip your fleet with an initial deposit followed by agreed fixed monthly payments.


  • Why choose finance with us

    While we may not be the lenders, we can help you arrange your bespoke finance plan on your behalf with one of lending partners. Doing so allows you to build our personalised finance agreement without the worry of finding a suitable lender – we do it all for you.

    What you benefit from will include:

     1. We take care of the paperwork on your behalf which allows the process of purchasing your new vehicle quicker

    2. Customers can often be approved for same finance

    3. Finance packages arranged through us are designed specifically for car finance products, making them more appropriate than a generic loan

    4. The vehicle acts as the security for the fiancé loan, therefore, meaning additional forms of credit remain open to you for other purchases

    5. The dealership is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority